Interactive reading using technology

During their English class, the CFER Bellechasse students were invited to live an interactive reading using technology. In fact, I used an IPAd to project the book on the Smartboard in front of the class. During the projection, I asked questions about new words, the story and I invited the students to react in real time about the images and their own experience related with the story. The students like a lot this activity because they had the impression to get back to their childhood.
After this experience, I decided to use reals books to give them another chance to get used to English reading. Each student had his own book at his own level. After the reading, each student was invited to share his resume with the rest of the class. All the students were really focus and engaged, really nice to see!
To conclude, I can say that those activities improve a lot the comprehension of the reading, develop new words and give confidence to student to speak with the rest of the class in English. I’m really proud of them!
Marie-Pier Delagrave, CFER Bellechasse English Teacher

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